Hannukah, Christmas, & New Year's 2016 Menu: Click Here

Expanded BAKERY CATERING MENUIncluding babka, challah, pies, and muffins.

SMALL EVENTS: Call ahead for a dozen bagels, a few pounds of pastrami, or a cake made just for you!

LARGE EVENTS: Most of us - when we’re looking for someone to provide food for an office lunch, or a wedding rehearsal dinner, or a family gathering - aren’t really all that sure of what exactly we want. Which is pretty much the point. We mostly want someone else to do the work - to suggest a menu, to prepare it and deliver it in quantities that will be enough for the invited guests - plus a few extra - and then to have those guests notice how delicious everything is. And not to pay an arm and a leg for it all.

Call or email our catering department, let them know the details and just sit back and take the credit. We guarantee yum! And we deliver!

503.222.DELI (3354) or info@kennyandzukes.com 

Availability of catering services and delivery depends on how busy we are and the day of week and hour of day.  Some orders may require up to 48 hours notice - Please give us as much notice as possible.

CAFES: We also sell our bagels wholesale! If you're a cafe in need of the best bagels in town, please email us at wholesale@kennyandzukes.com for more information.
















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